YMGC youth group spotlight


CTK Light was another awesome youth group session held at Christ The King, North Rocks on Friday 5th May. We began the evening with some ice breaker games, (Commando & Key Masters) it was a great start for the night, high energy running games. It sure did get everyone out of their seats & active. We then moved onto the topic of the night which was “Who am I?” The youth listened to how God’s love is experienced uniquely & differently in each of our lives. We discussed this further when split into small groups. It was pretty cool to just chill and chat with the youth. It’s amazing to hear their love for Jesus & how they see God’s love is working in their lives. Ohhh bless them….

We transitioned into prayer time. It really is a blessing when we can lead them into a new experience of prayer using praise and worship. We ended the evening with a fun role play about the life of St. John Paul II. The evening finished on a spiritual high which is important as we sent them out for the weekend.


Youth name: CTK light Group

Address:         10 Statham Avenue, North Rocks, NSW, 2151

Time:              7:00pm-8:30pm

Friday nights (during school terms)

Written by Geri Sadaya


Geri Sadaya is the prayer facilitator for the Youth Ministry Game Changers team,  She is also a youth leader at CTK youth group in North Rocks.