YMGC youth group spotlight



On January 31st, 2017, I made a conscious decision to check out “Impact groups” who are affiliated with the Catholic Guy based in Campbelltown.


There are several impact groups that are based around the Sydney area, it is a discussion group based on the model based on the model set by Jesus and the twelve disciples, Impact groups is catered to young adults who are searching for a platform to have fruitful discussions about various topics which link to their personal faith.


The impact group leader will post a video via Facebook to provide the stimulus for the nights discussions. The meetings are held in a public venue which gives young adults a welcoming vibe as impact groups encourages people from all walks of life. The impact group I attend is based at the Atura Hotel in Blacktown. A remote venue which provides easy access for participants.


You are welcomed by the main group who are either playing some pool, eating chips and donuts or socialising about what happened during the week. The main group will split into two groups to prepare for discussion.


Each discussion starts off with a prayer followed by the group recapping the video that they had watched earlier. Some examples of topics that have been covered so far are as follows: New Year, New Me, Wealth, Silence, the church I see, Easter, etc. It is as real as it would’ve been for Jesus and his disciples, the diverse opinions that are shared in impact groups, you could be in discussion with a primary school teacher, lawyer, prison warden, bank teller and the list goes on.


What I have learned from my time at impact groups is that you get to view the world in a different angle. The discussions have helped me to grow in my own personal faith and usually on the drive home I would question myself about an opinion that I just finished listening to and at times I would do some more research on topics to gain a better understanding. If you have any spare time check out impact groups, a young adults group which caters to all individuals who would like to learn more about their faith.



If you would like to know more about impact groups, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/impactconvention/


Below the details for the impact group are as follows:

Youth name: Impact Groups

Address: Atura Hotel


Time:  8pm-9:30pm

Weekly on Tuesday nights (Impact groups operates during the school term and takes a break during school holidays)

Written by Richie Leilua

Richie Leilua is the Youth Ministry Co Coordinator for the Youth Ministry Game Changers Program, He is a Lasallian Youth Minister at Oakhill College in Castle Hill and assists with the youth group in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Fairfield, NSW.