YMGC youth group spotlight


On September 20th 2017. I paid a visit to the young people of Holy Spirit Parish, Carne’s Hill who meet up on Wednesday night’s to reflect on the readings from the previous mass.

Among the familiar faces is the young adults leader Jacinta Vella, who is a primary school teacher and is currently pursuing a masters degree in theology.

We start off with the opening prayer which is guided by Jordan Vella, who is controlling the overhead projector. Next we focus on last weeks readings where a person would volunteer to read the First Reading, followed by the Responsorial Psalm and the Second Reading.

We stand up to greet the gospel which is based on the parable of the unmerciful servant (Matthew 18:21-35). At the conclusion of the gospel, Jacinta shares a reflection with the group as she explains the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation which helps us to clear the debt of sin that we have in our lives. However, we are encouraged not to take advantage of GODs mercy and that we need to find ways of making positive changes.

After some discussion on the topic we move onto praying the rosary where we are joined by Father John Rizzo. At the start of the rosary we offer up our prayer intentions and while the rosary is in progress, we have the option of receiving a blessing. At the conclusion of the rosary we listen to an upbeat song based on the theme of forgiveness and mercy and the night closes out in prayer.

At first it took some time for me to adjust to the session as most of the youth nights that I am involved in contains a lot of high energy activities. However, the beauty of the night is in the midst of the silence and reflection, I learned that sometimes we live in a really busy world that we sometimes forget to be silent so we can hear the voice of GOD.  I walked in with a lot of stress and uncertainly and I walked out with a new hope and vigour to live out the LORDs mission in every way possible.

Special thanks to the young adults of Holy Spirit Youth, Carne’s Hill for the invitation to attend the youth night. If you are a young adult who is looking for a group to be apart of or if you are looking for a place to reflect and focus on your spiritual life, I’d highly recommend you to check the Holy Spirit Youth Night as they are looking to reach out to other young people who are searching for GOD.


Here are the details for Holy Spirit Youth as follows:

Youth name: Holy Spirit Youth, Carne’s Hill (18+)

Address: 25 Main Street

Horningsea Park

Time:  7:45pm-8:45pm

Weekly on Wednesday nights

If you have any questions please email westernregionsyd@gmail.com

Written by Richie Leilua

Richie Leilua is the Youth Ministry Co Coordinator for the Youth Ministry Game Changers Program, He is a Lasallian Youth Minister at Oakhill College in Castle Hill and assists with the youth group in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Fairfield, NSW.