YMGC minute is a weekly motivational series to support youth leaders to take their ministry to the next level.

YMGC Minute Episode 6- Christ-Like Rolemodels

The best method of sharing our faith is by the way we live our lives. Join us for this weeks YMGC minute as Jay-Ann gives us some practical tips on the importance of living out our christian values and the impact of spending time with Jesus in adoration.


YMGC Minute Episode 5- Faith N Fitness

As youth leaders, it is important to be healthy both in mind and body, especially when we are ministering to young people. Is it possible to pray and train at the same time. Join us for this weeks YMGC Minute as Charbel gives us some practical tips on how we can add prayer into our workout schedule.


YMGC Minute Episode 4- Keepin It Fresh

Sometimes in youth ministry, We can get used to our programs and keep our gear on autopilot. Join us for this weeks episode of YMGC minute as we look at ways that we can breathe life into our ministry by keepin it fresh by catering our program’s to fit the needs of our young people.



YMGC Minute Episode 3- Giving Back=Priceless

In the 80s, 90s and 00s, before there were paid youth leaders, Youth groups were spearheaded by a team of passionate young adults who were dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus in a engaging, enthusiastic way.

It was through the blood, sweat and tears of these young adults that we were able to receive the blessings that are now bestowed upon us now which had inspired us to be involved in youth ministry.

As young adults, It is our turn to give out our blessings that we have received to the new generation of youth leaders. Come along and join us for this weeks YMGC minute as Gerard Sadaya talks about the important role of young adults in todays youth ministry community.

YMGC Minute Episode 2- Biting the bullet

Are we biting the bullet by putting ourselves out there to connect with our young people in youth ministry? We are joined by Brad Vergano who shares his tips on the importance of vulnerability and relationship building.



YMGC Minute Episode 1- Inviting Jesus into your ministry